Constantin Arsene


Who is Costantin Arsene?

Cybernetician, entrepreneur for over 29 years, Constantin Arsene is first and foremost a formidable business analyst and one of the most respected businessmen in Arges, a man who knew how to adapt constantly to both market requirements and technological changes, developing a business management software solutions with tens of thousands of users in Romania and other countries.

Experience over time

As a fresh graduate of the Faculty of Cybernetics at ASE, Constantin Arsene started his career in the Computing Center of the Pitesti Car Factory. In April 1990 he registered Prodinf among the first companies in Romania, starting from the idea of developing a management support software solution.


Prodinf solutions have evolved over time, based on international standards for information systems, to which was added a comprehensive theoretical support. The leading expertise, which has been complemented by interaction with hundreds of customers in all segments, from commercial and budgetary organisations, multinationals, holding companies to small and medium-sized enterprises, is offered today under the EMSYS brand.


Based on years of research and innovation, EMSYS solutions offer a holistic approach to management, with multiple dimensions, starting from economic-financial management, but also specialized operational modules, for several industries – Insurance, Utilities, Universities, Construction, Research, Public Sector, Food Production, Discrete Production, Process Production, Oil & Gas, Retail, Distribution, Hospitality, Transport.

The main differentiator of EMSYS is that a single version of the program, based on powerful modeling and configuration tools available to users, is used in all types of industries and organizations mentioned.

Developed projects

Almost all major Universities in Romania rely on EMSYS, as well as most of the utilities companies in the field of water-pipe-pipe-thermofication, as well as the largest insurers.

EMSYS solutions are also suitable for holding companies or sales and distribution organizations with multiple locations and cost centers, with both vertical and horizontal integration in terms of organizational management.

Values/principles you have developed in your life: career and family

Prodinf started as a family business, then developed organically through the formation and development of a team of over 80 specialists. Prodinf products have constantly benefited from research and innovation, including in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, the Academy of Economic Studies and the University of Pitesti, being constantly brought up to date technologically. Prodinf has long-term strategic partnerships with Oracle and Microsoft.

Constantin Arsene is preparing the next generation of managers with a long-term plan, the second level of management being mostly provided by people who have developed within Prodinf. Also, through collaborations with the University of Pitesti and internship programs, the development of the next generation of business consultants and programmers is ensured.