EMSYS – Core Insurance

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EMSYS – Enterprise Management SYStem® – Core Insurance is an integrated IT system for the comprehensive management of processes and operational flows in the insurance industry.

EMSYS Core Insurance is a modern, fully configurable solution that can successfully model processes and phenomena in an insurance company from product offering to technical and financial reporting.

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What is it?

EMSYS Insurance models insurance products, operational and organisational structures and processes in an insurance organization, significantly reducing human effort.

The system allows the definition of analysis dimensions down to the level of risk covered, insured objects, insurance products, product classes in correspondence with organisational structures: regions, branches, agencies, points of work and distribution channels.

EMSYS Insurance manages life insurance, non-life insurance, health insurance, etc.


EMSYS-Core Insurance components:

  • Organisation Shaping and Configuration
  • Modelling and Configuration of Insurance Products
  • Process and Workflow Modelling and Configuration
  • Insurance Contract Management
  • Customer Management
  • Management of Distribution Channels and Sales Structures
  • Commission Policies, Automatic Calculation of Commissions Due, Purchase Costs
  • Damage Claim Documentation
  • Recovery of Debts from Damages
  • Reinsurance Contract Management, Automatic Reinsurance Calculation
  • Receipts and Payments Management
  • Reporting
  • Automatic actions
  • Corrective actions
  • Monitoring and Administration
  • Sales Force Automation