EMSYS – Enterprise Resource Planning

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PRODINF Software since its inception has aimed to provide customers with an integrated solution for the management of organizations in various industries. We develop almost all components and some components of other vendors have been integrated with EMSYS – Enterprise Management System.

What differentiates us from other vendors is that theory, general best practices, and industry-specific best practices have been addressed through the implementation of EMSYS modeling and configuration tools.

Virtually one application exists for all customers, there are no one-off adaptations, and new program versions are easy to implement. Hence the many advantages lead to a minimal TCO compared to similar applications.

It also avoided a module approach whereby data had to be audited. In EMSYS once the transactions are validated all processing is finished, and the logical data fields are audited automatically without human effort.

The theory of ERP systems is implemented in its entirety, taking into account complex organizations, dynamic legislation, and a wide range of practices.

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What is it?

EMSYS is a web application with real-time information for the management of large and medium-sized commercial and public organizations, but it can also be used successfully for small organizations. It is aimed at group organizations, holding companies, or with territorial dispersion (sub-units). Departmental organization on any level is easy to achieve.

It is a product of the ERP range and is a support in the integrated management of financial and human resources, assets, stocks, services in order to maximize performance. It integrates operational processes for the following industries: insurance, utilities, construction, food, manufacturing, retail, sales and distribution, public sector, universities, oil and gas, other industries.

EMSYS is an application that has numerous tools, modelling and configuration facilities for users. It allows dynamic remodeling of organizations without the need for the intervention of the software provider or specialist consultants. Real-time remodeling of definitions (codes) is also allowed.

The time factor is in the life of each definition.


Main Purpose

The essential purpose of the EMSYS application is organisational performance. Performance can be achieved as optimization, management and control of the organization’s processes, but the IT solution can also influence cost reduction.

EMSYS, by the way of transaction processing, considerably reduces the costs for the operation support, reduces the costs of interfacing being an integrated solution, minimal costs when launching new versions by persisting the models and configurations in the next versions, minimal costs of auditing information between the organization’s domains as they are automatically executed by the system.

Also, modelling and re-modelling of processes and dimensions can be done by the beneficiary without the help of specialist consultants. It is a real support in the development of new markets, business lines and, last but not least, it provides real-time information for management.

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Last, but not Least

EMSYS is an internationalized application. It models international accounting and management standards by implementing an organizational culture and discipline.

In EMSYS the principle of “patrimonial integrity” is implemented in the sense that a responsibility is discharged by charging several responsibilities in perfect equality. The system performs for each transaction an audit verifying the established constraints. Practically, there are no differences between domains, the aggregated amounts can be set “audit trail balance”. EMSYS has numerous functionalities for corrective actions, without the need for specialist intervention.

EMSYS is an integrated application, and users have access to certain functionalities grouped by roles, applicable to certain responsibility segments. A role applied to certain data segments is a profile. A user can have several profiles.

The principle implemented in EMSYS is “one person, one document, one time”, the information being available at the time of validation to other users, including in analysis reports.

The concept of PRODINF Software, the producer of EMSYS application, is to offer a solution for the management of organizations easily accessible to the beneficiaries both in the business modeling phase and in execution at the lowest cost.