EMSYS – Enterprise Project Management

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Enterprise Project Management is the EMSYS product for top-down and integrated management of an organization’s projects.

In today’s economic conditions, the traditional approach of strictly individual management by project or at most by project category is insufficient. To solve the management and strategic problems of organizations that run their business through projects and project portfolios, an EPM integrated into a powerful ERP system is needed.

EMSYS EPM is a unified application that puts into practice the concepts and principles of PMT (Project Management Theory), PMI (Project Management Institute) standards, and EPPM (Enterprise Project Portfolio Management) practices.

Projects are seen as part of the organization’s business; within the same organization, projects of various sizes and in many areas can be declared, executed, followed up, and completed: operational, investment, social, research and development, advertising campaigns, human resources development, process improvement, service automation, ETO (Engineer-To-Order) production, new product development.

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  • Portfolios, Projects, WBS – variable and unlimited number of tasks and levels
  • Resources per task: material, human, machinery, transport, services, subcontracting
  • Specification items, standardised technologies
  • Budgeting, financing
  • Activity network, milestones, Critical path (CPM, PERT),

The EPM approach ensures:

  • increase efficiency and streamline processes involved in overall resource planning
  • real-time tracking of project execution and consumption
  • accuracy and timeliness of reporting to management
  • aligning projects with the organization’s strategic


  • Project management by authorised officers
  • Partial/full task launches, orders and work orders
  • Execution with internal resources and/or subcontractors
  • Takeover of purchasing requirements in SCM, MRP II application
  • Capability Requirements Planning (CRP)
  • Change management, versioning, change

Follow through

  • Launch operations and resources according to budget; track purchases, consumption, overruns/overruns
  • Operations planning/planning, time sheets and work progress reporting
  • Analysis of the use and performance of human resources
  • P&L / portfolio, project, contract, contract position
  • Quantitative-valued analyses budget consumption, deviations.
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  • Easy integration into any operational environment, through standardization PMT, PMI, EPPM
  • Efficient use of capacities and resources
  • Optimising procurement processes
  • Increase success rate, project profitability and reduce risks
  • Complete solution through real-time integration with business processes in EMSYS Logistics, Finance, HR & Payroll, Asset Management and Investment