EMSYS – HR & Payroll

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Designed to maximize return on investment in human resources. The efficiency and performance of a company are influenced by the quality of its human resources. EMSYS HR starts from the premise that human resources are the most effective component in the struggle to improve a company’s performance.

It is absolutely normal to look at human resource costs as an investment. And just like any investment, it must lead to the highest possible return. An HR management system offers the ultimate in cost reduction, saving time, and automating processes within the HR department. But viewed as an investment, such a system can offer much more.

Through self-service, training, development, appraisal, and compensation portals, EMSYS HR provides the ideal way to keep your people engaged and happy. It also provides the tools for senior levels of management to track, analyze and decide to improve performance.

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Personnel Administration

Provides tools for defining organizational structures, managing data in the personnel file related to identification, place of work, domicile, work card, employment contracts, seniority, professional training, marital status, family, education, military status, periods not worked.

The salary model applied to the employee is described by a series of characteristics that are necessary and sufficient to frame and identify the person.

The employee’s history is given by all the events that occurred from the hiring to the termination of the contract.

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Schooling & Training

Implements management and collection functionalities for studies, specializations, professional and individual training cycles, training methods, objectives, functions and training stages.

Data on course providers, course instructors, examination boards are stored, with the possibility of planning training sessions. Costs generated by the training activity can be tracked down to employee level.


Taxes & Fees

Automatic generation of monthly statements and corrective statements in electronic format on the obligation to pay statutory contributions of the company and its employees, including the generation of the general register of employees.


Time Management

It offers multiple possibilities for time clocking: self-control, collective time sheet, via access control systems. The system ensures security of access to the timekeeping data between timekeepers by defining access and data handling rules.

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Provides complete control over the processing and calculation rules used in payroll. Authorized users have the possibility to model formulas and calculation algorithms.

Provides access to payroll information to track and monitor labour costs. Estimate and track payroll expenses and payments down to the employee level.

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Performance Evaluation

Performs competency and skills management, staff appraisal sessions, preparation of job files, staff promotion reports, career tracking.


Other Systems Integration

Automatic generation of the payroll accounting note and payment orders related to salary payments to the State, banks or third parties and the transfer to financial and cost accounting of the items resulting from the payroll calculation and the taxes associated with these items.

It has a range of export format modelling tools for banks. The flexible data model allows fast integration with other IT systems.