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The tight competition in today’s markets requires companies to be more predictable in their costs and to keep them down by budgeting strictly and outsourcing certain services on a monthly subscription basis.

PRODINF Software meets the needs of its customers by providing a modern service concept: “SaaS – Software as a Service”, i.e. the delivery of a “complex service like electricity”, payable monthly according to the quantities consumed. EMSYS – SaaS is the IT outsourcing service offered by our company and uses EMSYS – Enterprise Management System as a tool for the management of organizations.

For companies benefiting from EMSYS – SaaS solution, the possibilities of expansion and diversification increase greatly, by redirecting valuable material and human resources to the core business.

The possibility to open at any time, with minimal IT&C infrastructure, new working points of the organization, and the management of processes with a high degree of business mobility ensure the realization of efficient and effective management, including via smartphone.

Users in organizations that have chosen to benefit from EMSYS – SaaS need to use the EMSYS application only with a regular computer and Internet access.

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Benefits of using EMSYS - SaaS:

  • zero budgets for software and hardware
  • 7/24 accessibility from any point with Internet access
  • access to real-time information
  • short implementation time
  • access to qualified and dedicated support resources
  • low and budgetable monthly costs
  • application and database maintenance included
  • The experience gained in 20 years of research and innovation, successful projects and solutions offered to customers are arguments of a long-term collaboration and a guarantee of the quality of such a service