EMSYS – Core Utilities

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EMSYS Utilities is a management solution for utility companies (water, heat, electricity, utilities, gas, telephone, cable, internet, etc.) that enables the management of all internal business processes for the benefit of increasing service quality and improving customer relations in a highly dynamic economic environment.

It is a flexible and configurable system that allows organizations to expand very easily, providing tools for determining profitability by the operational center and unit cost structure of services. It has modeling and configuration tools to implement industry best practices.

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What is it?

EMSYS Utilities performs the management of internal business processes, starting from the customer, the automatic contract issuance and up to the recovery of possible debits, reflection in accounting transactions and implicitly in management reports. Integrated with the organisation’s financial management, it reflects phenomena by analysis dimensions for management: profit centres, business lines, cost objects, customer groups, regions, localities, etc.

It offers integration possibilities with other systems, thus ensuring that companies can adopt more productive and efficient ways of working: remote reading equipment, online collections, collections through banks and other processors, etc.

Customer relations are supported by new opportunities for communication and interaction with the company (call centre, online portal, sending alerts/notifications by email/sms, sending invoices by email, etc.).


EMSYS Utilities automates...

…the company’s day-to-day activities and enables process control:

  • Definitions, Modelling and Configuration Tools
  • Customer Management, Contracts, Points of consumption
  • Management Services, Service Packages, Tariffs
  • Management of measuring equipment
  • Consumption Management
  • Billing Management
  • Management Cash receipts
  • Management Late payment penalties
  • Management Debt recovery and compliance Contractual discipline
  • Customer Relationship Management (Call Center and Online Portal)
  • Technical, operational and accounting reports
  • Business Intelligence