EMSYS – Logistics

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Designed for efficient management of all variables specific to logistics activities, rapid availability of the information needed for quick and well-informed decisions, and cost optimization to maintain competitiveness. EMSYS Logistics enables real-time control of purchasing, production, sales processes, and inventory management of finished goods, merchandise, packaging, raw materials, materials, inventory items, and protective and work equipment for trade, production, and custodians.

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What is it?

The solution allows the modelling of analysis dimensions that define business processes on any specific dimension of the organization: business unit, profit centres, business lines, organizational structures, profitability segments, cost objects, etc.

Correlation of analysis dimensions with the real structures of the organization and their automatic allocation in transactions, making it possible to interpret technical-operational information also as a business process. Integration of the complex logistic flow management system with the economic- financial management of the organization, allowing the configuration of the accounting monograph for specific transactions and the automatic generation of the corresponding accounting transactions.

Organise the recording of documents as a continuous process (you can work simultaneously on several open periods, the operation of a transaction does not depend on the closing of the previous period).


What is in it?

  • Sales and Distribution
  • Production
  • Purchasing
  • ALOP
  • Retail
  • Stock Management