EMSYS – Business intelligence

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It is integrated with EMSYS ERP having dimension and measure connectors in line with EMSYS database modeling.

Based on the configurations in EMSYS ERP, EMSYS BI automatically models and remodels itself keeping the historical time. In addition to EMSYS BI data cubes, additional cubes can be added by users using multiple data sources (relational databases, . xls, . xlsx, . csv, . xml files, etc). Virtual cubes can be built on top of the defined cubes, presenting the information in a unified way.

EMSYS BI provides a set of standard, industry-specific reports on operational, financial, support, and managerial processes implementing best practices. Based on the reports provided the user has the possibility to modify and save the report in a new form in a dedicated area. The reports provided present status information, budget vs. actual comparisons, performance indicators and their evolution over time, and reports in which exceptions can be selected.

Data transfers between production databases and the data warehouse are scheduled by the user.