PRODINF Software la “Bucharest Business Days – 2019”

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PRODINF Software at "Bucharest Business Days - 2019"

On the occasion of “Bucharest Business Days 2019”, the 40th edition of Business Days, Prodinf Software participated with a presentation of the EMSYS product suite, a management software built on an ERP platform to which “Enterprise Business Capabilities” have been added according to Gartner classifications, transforming it into a modern management tool that is attractive to Romanian and foreign companies.

The event was attended by more than 640 people, representing more than 390 companies with over 50,000 employees and a turnover of over 7 billion euros, companies that can benefit or already benefit from the advantages offered by EMSYS – a single product that meets both financial management requirements and business requirements – reporting on multiple dimensions, modeled according to the specific organization.

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EMSYS was presented at Bucharest Business Days - 2019

With EMSYS you can model and track the performance of any management structure, set up key indicators, targets and exceptions and forecast consolidated financial flows, ensuring control of budgets and organizational processes and reducing support and management costs. 

 “One of the constant requirements in management is change”, said Constantin Arsene, General Manager – Prodinf Software, “and with EMSYS our customers can benefit from multiple advantages, modeling and configuration being persistent in new product versions, and the necessary reconfigurations resulting from changes decided at management level can be done “on the fly”, without having to shut down the system”. 

EMSYS also allows immediate running of reports on up-to-date data, without having to wait until the next day to have the exact situation of stocks or financial performance, on each of the implemented management dimensions – division, product, time period, project, etc. 

With EMSYS customers benefit every time from projects implemented on time and within budget, and can benefit from a turnkey application, with no hidden costs, with monthly payment based on consumption, benefiting from our consultants’ expertise and experience gained over 29 years and hundreds of implementations.

More about the event at this link.

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About PRODINF Software

PRODINF Software, established in April 1990, has positioned itself on the market as a provider of a complete solution for the management of organizations (multinationals, holding companies, territorial, medium and small enterprises, commercial and budgetary organizations). PRODINF Software’s years of experience in research and innovation have made EMSYS – Enterprise Management SYStem – a web-based, real-time, robust, high-performance and unique information system for various industries: Insurance, Construction, Utilities, Universities, Public Sector, Food Production, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas Extraction, Retail, Distribution.

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Organisation's philosophy

…is to provide a completely different approach to the competition. In this sense the integrated EMSYS system – Enterprise Management SYStem – goes beyond and totally differentiates itself from applications built on separate modules, requiring development teams for configuration, with long implementation times, thick and difficult to access documentation, relying on strictly specialized consultants, with requirements for memorization of IDs and knowledge of allowed combinations from value lists, with increased human efforts for auditing transferred data.

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PRODINF Software Solution

…is EMSYS – Enterprise Management SYStem – which facilitates dynamic business modeling and reshaping by users, inducing the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) compared to solutions with the same scope. Since 2004 EMSYS – Enterprise Management SYStem – has been sold as a service with no up-front budgets, with SaaS – Software as a Service – projects being supported by their own hardware infrastructure or being able to operate in Cloud systems.