Industry Challenges

The very large number of customers, with consumption points spread over a wide geographical area, the great diversity of services provided and under different commercial conditions, different practices for determining the consumption to be billed, the multitude of billing possibilities, the large volume of historical data, as well as the frequency of changes in organizational structure (regionalisation processes) and tariffs are all testing points for utility companies.

The solution for the utilities industry is aimed at suppliers of: water, electricity, telephony, internet, heating, sanitation, gas, etc. and provides dynamic management of specific processes, offering total control and real-time access to information to increase company performance and efficiency. It has modelling and configuration tools to implement industry best practices.

It manages the entire lifecycle of the equipment used to measure consumption, monitors the operations that are carried out (purchasing, assembly, disassembly, sealing, etc.), as well as tracking metrological checks.

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Proposed Functionality

  • Water, electricity, heat, gas, internet, utilities, telephony, etc.
  • Customers, Points of consumption, Notices, Contracts
  • Modelling Service Packages, Meters, Tariffs, Algorithms
  • Measuring equipment management: purchase, installation/removal, sealing, verification, monitoring of activity
  • Consumption: readings, breakage, estimates, subscriptions, etc.
  • Mobile meter reading equipment
  • Billing, Penalties: batches, routes, individual
  • Cash withdrawals: cash, card, transfer, online
  • Third party collections: banks, post office, PayPoint, PayZone, etc.
  • Contractual discipline, Litigation, Debt recovery
  • Customer Relationship Management – Call Center
  • Customer-company interoperability: Online portal
  • Finance, Logistics, HR&Payroll, Asset Management, Project Management
  • Business Intelligence

What we help with

EMSYS Utilities performs the management of internal business processes, starting from the customer, with the automatic issuance of the contract and up to the recovery of any debits, reflected in accounting transactions and implicitly in management reports, providing tools for analyzing profitability and cost structure. Integrated with the organization’s financial management, it reflects phenomena by dimensions of analysis for management: profit centres, business lines, cost objects, etc.

To automate processes, services and the related fees are managed in bundles. Service packages and charges act within the validity period. Stand-alone services or services that are determined according to the consumption of other services are used. In the billing process, in case of changes in tariffs, the influence on the consumed services is automatically managed by the application.

The services consumed are measured with: meters, in the tariff or subscription system, in the estimated system, based on previous consumption or on a predetermined quantity, followed by regularization after a certain period of time or as a result of a calculation algorithm, depending on certain parameters, e.g. built and unbuilt area, coefficients, consumption of another service, equivalent services, depending on the installed power, etc.

Billing for services consumed can be done individually or in batches. A batch is grouped according to various criteria, by territorial arrangement, ordered by routes, client groups and levels of responsibility, activity organization. The system ensures the patrimonial integrity of the values recorded on the flow of consumption, invoicing, distribution of invoices to the customer, collection by implementing the commercial management policies of each organization.

Implementing the solution for the utilities industry ensures the company can quickly adapt to current and prospective issues:

  • standardization, automation and optimization of operational and financial processes,
  • eliminating manual and redundant processes, which are very labor-intensive, and eliminating errors or differences generated by the transfer of documents and data between departments
  • streamlining billing/collection processes and limiting losses in service delivery
  • integration with other systems: automatic meter reading, outsourcing of collection services
  • fast and interactive resolution of consumer requests, easy interface between company and customer: call center, customer portal (financial status, consumption history, online payments, alerts/notifications, email billing, self-quote index transmission, etc.)

The complex and powerful reporting system supports the company’s management process, measures the performance of organizational structures, business lines, profit centers, providing information for accurate, timely and well-informed decisions in order to make the organization more efficient.

Our solution for the utilities industry solves the complex challenges faced by organizations in this sector.