Industry Challenges

The research activity is carried out both in specialised research institutes and in other organisations with multiple activities, for example universities where a university professor can participate in various research projects in addition to his or her basic function.

Another challenge is that the remuneration is different from one project to another and different from the basic function. Partial payments are made for each project and at the end of a month the taxes and contributions due to the state are settled.

Research activity also comes with a number of rules and constraints that must be respected:

  • Zero income tax on certain projects
  • limited number of research hours reported per week/month
  • different formats for reporting budgets by project/potofolio
  • a project budget is an integral part of the organisation’s budget
  • must respect all processes of the organisation
  • strictly adhere to the budget
  • the project budget can be set in terms of value per activity and then broken down by items, services, research hours, etc.
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Proposed Functionality

  • Based on Project Management
  • International, National, Transnational, Structural
  • Portfolios, Competitions, Programmes, Types, Grants
  • WBS: Stages, Activities, Sub-activities
  • Budgets: Multi-annual, Annual, Quarterly, Monthly
  • Budget/Project Structure Customization
  • Expenditure: Salaries, Capital, Inventory, Services, Travel, Indirect
  • Team: Roles, Budgets, Daily Estimates, Salaries, Payments
  • References, Purchases, Receipts, Payments, Supplier Records
  • Budget vs Expenses vs Payments: portfolios, WBS
  • Decentralized/Project Accounting

What we help with

The multitude of project types, funding sources per project, dynamic definition of research projects based on mostly value budgets, tracking research budgets versus expenditure commitments and payments as well as tracking budgets versus costs, constraints of funding sources as well as legal provisions, integration of research activities with the overall processes of the organizations etc. can be managed efficiently and rigorously with EMSYS.

The Project Management component has been developed with specific functionalities for research activities.

The execution of a project budget is automatically reflected in the organisation’s budget. We can establish specific budget structures for each project but the reflection in the organisation’s budget will be done according to a different structure.

For some projects there are requirements from funders to organise decentralised accounting at project level. We can apply all types of organisation reports for each project.

The reporting of the human resources used in the research can be done within the budgets, on a daily basis by each Project Manager. Each manager can monitor and approve changes in the project. Accountability and confidentiality by portfolio and project is ensured.